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Dinosaur-Killing Meteor Made Bigger Splash

Great story.  Despite folks WANTING to discover some
other reason for the K-T extinction (no doubt because
if proven it would put their names right next to the
Alvarez' in the history books - or just garner some
publicity and grant $$$), the fact is that the more we
discover about the mechanics of the Chixculub impact
the more devastating the consequences appear.

The initial impact blast, the shock waves traveling the
globe, the entire atmosphere on fire for weeks or
months on end turning the earth into a 600 degree OVEN
and baking it over and over as ejecta repeatedly
returned to earth as it spun on its axis, the acid
rain, and the coup-de-gras of the months (years?) long
global winter - I mean it strains credulity to believe
that this was MERELY ONE of the 'events' that caused
the dinosaurs to die out.

A group of critters that, CONTRARY to popular
misconceptions based on an analysis on ONE tiny site
known as Hell Creek, 65 MYA, was at its HEIGHT in terms
of diversity and had shown itself able to adapt to all
sorts of changes in climate caused by continental
break-up, etc.

Then - *BOOM* - and they were gone.  The logic of the
Chix. asteroid causing the mass extinctions in

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