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In search of a reference...

Dear Fellow Listers:

I'm presently engaged in some bibliographic research and find myself in need of 
some help. I'm wondering if anyone could tell me whether Tomodon, Leidy (1865) 
was preoccupied by André Marie Constant Duméril, the father, or Auguste Henri 
André Duméril, the son. I've thus far been unsuccessful in tracking down a ref 
for the original 1853 usage, applied to a colubrid snake. Complicating things, 
sometimes I see Tomodon credited to Duméril alone, while Duméril & Bibron seems 
equally prevalent. Further, both Dumérils collaborated with Bibron the 
following year in naming T. dorsatus and T. ocellatus. Any help unraveling 
would be very much appreciated; an actual reference, even more so!

Likely of little interest to the community at large, so feel free to reply 
off-list. Thanks in advance for the help!

Rob Taylor
SVP Member #15293