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Re: Why was Earth a fiery hell 55 million years ago?

Well, I'm trusting it was temporary. The point was that Earth's geology and chemistry are very changeable.

I think the question would be how do we know what exactly happened with foraminifers and corals in this time. Logically the record of what happened to them must be in the fossils of these creatures. Logically also, they died back but did not go extinct.

I'm glad it is't sheer ignorance that has me asking what volcanoes.

The program did oversimplify some things, but I previously looked into the events they describe, and the volcanoes would be the first lie.

You should, however, have seen me trying to pin down the notion that many scientists think that the sun's current high activity level is due to end. It turned out that the main scientist they quoted on that once said something that vaguely resembled that, in the process of arguing that no such thing is occurring.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

And if oceans became too acidic for both foraminifers and corals, why are they still around now?



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