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Re: Dinosaur-Killing Meteor Made Bigger Splash

I thought the whole global wildfire thing had been disproved on the grounds
that there are no charcoal deposits at terrestrial KT.

What do you mean? There's plenty of charcoal in the boundary layer.

Had the entire atmosphere been on fire

That's something different. The nitrogen was not on fire, except at the impact site.

for weeks or months

It doesn't take that long for a forest to burn to the ground when the fire starts all over the place on the same day.

> Great story.  Despite folks WANTING to discover some
> other reason for the K-T extinction [...], the fact is that the
> more we discover about the mechanics of the Chixculub
> impact the more devastating the consequences appear.


> and the coup-de-gras

That's a stroke of fat (with silent s). You're looking for _grâce_. :-)

> of the months (years?) long global winter -

No -- instead of dust, as initially thought, the impact itself produced larger fragments. These triggered the fire, and the fire produced soot that led to darkness... but certainly not for years.

> I mean it strains credulity to believe
> that this was MERELY ONE of the 'events' that caused
> the dinosaurs to die out.


> A group of critters that, CONTRARY to popular
> misconceptions based on an analysis on ONE tiny site
> known as Hell Creek, 65 MYA, was at its HEIGHT in terms
> of diversity

We don't know that. :-) Even the study that showed no decline of dinosaur diversity through the Hell Creek Formation was limited to that formation! (Which, in turn, is not "one tiny site", it's a huge layer of rock.)

and had shown itself able to adapt to all
sorts of changes in climate caused by continental
break-up, etc.

Then - *BOOM* - and they were gone.  The logic of the
Chix. asteroid causing the mass extinctions in