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RE: In search of a reference...

--- Rob Taylor <rjtaylor68@comcast.net> schrieb:

> Dear Fellow Listers:
> I'm presently engaged in some bibliographic research
> and find myself in need of some help. I'm wondering
> if anyone could tell me whether Tomodon, Leidy
> (1865) was preoccupied by André Marie Constant
> Duméril, the father, or Auguste Henri André Duméril,
> the son. I've thus far been unsuccessful in tracking
> down a ref for the original 1853 usage, applied to a
> colubrid snake. Complicating things, sometimes I see
> Tomodon credited to Duméril alone, while Duméril &
> Bibron seems equally prevalent. Further, both
> Dumérils collaborated with Bibron the following year
> in naming T. dorsatus and T. ocellatus. Any help
> unraveling would be very much appreciated; an actual
> reference, even more so!

Since some might not know Nomenclator, I'll post it to
the list:

gives the ref as:
Mémoires de l'Académie des sciences de l'Institut de
France 23: 495.

Unfortunately not online.


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