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Re: T-Rex and "friends"

> If you've got a copy of the Dinosauria handy (either edition will do), the
> dinosaur distribution chapter will have detailed lists of dinosaurs. "Hell
> Creek Life: Fossil Flora and Fauna" (http://www.scn.org/~bh162/index.html)
> by Philip Bigelow will give a more synoptic view of the Hell Creek
> Formation cast.
> In general, the dinosaur cast is led by Edmontosaurus and Triceratops,
> guest starring Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Thescelosaurus, and
> Torosaurus, with a variety of
> dromaeosaurids/troodontids/ornithomimids/oviraptorosaurians for color.

Yep, that's it. For big carnivores, it is T. rex alone. (And if
Nanotyrannus is just a juvie T. rex, for mid-sized carnivores it is still
just T. rex).

> Incidentally, in the back of Glut's "The New Dinosaur Dictionary" (1982),
> there is a mention that "Dale A. Russell and Robert A. Long will describe
> some new Upper Cretaceous dinosaurs based upon elements from the Hell
> Creek beds of Montana, including a new species of large ornithomimid, a
> new genus or genera of dromaeosaurid, a new type of ceratopsian and a new
> saurischian larger than Tyrannosaurus" (p. 284).  Did anything ever come
> of these? -Justin

They turned out to be new specimens of (respectively) the unnamed Hell
Creek caenagnathid (recall that at the time the recognition that
Chirostenotes et al. were oviraptorosaurs hadn't happened yet), the still
unnamed dromaeosaurid(s) of the late Maastrichtian, Triceratops, and
Tyrannosaurus rex.

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