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Re: Tetrapod extinctions in the PETM?

Actually, the Paleocene record IS pretty good (for at least some regions).
See, for example:

Oh. It offed the plesiadapids and locally the champsosaurs. Si tacuissem, philosophus mansissem...

(But why does Gingrich still call it *Hyracotherium sandrae*? It's the sister-group of the rest of Equidae, so the name *Sifrhippus* was erected years ago. Was there something wrong with the phylogeny, does he like paraphyletic genera, or is it just tradition...?)

All them pretty birdies: http://www.paleocene-mammals.de/pal_birds.htm

That's a list of taxa known from the Paleocene but (in most cases) not from the Eocene, but most of them are known from single localities, right? Some of those localities, like Itaboraí, are middle Paleocene in age, others early Paleocene...