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Re: New Geologic Epoch

<<GAINING GROUND?!? The paper came out this week! How can it gain ground if it
hasn't had time to be evaluated!>>

Well, if it didn't have any published ground at all, then getting planted into a published flower bed must involved some amount of gained ground. Of course, whether the plant after the possible gales and frost...

<<Other proposals to the ICS include mucking about with the Carboniferous (again...) and the Cambrian (again...) and (one I would like to see passed!) formal reorganization of a Lower (Berriasian-Aptian), Middle (Albian-Turonian), and Upper (Coniacian-Maastrichtian) Cretaceous.>>

That'd ruin some not very knowledgeable people's "gap in the fossil record for the whole Middle Cretaceous". This 'argument' is popular in parts of Middle Dakota, apparently. Could I add changing the Tithonian into the Portlandian, so there can be an actual type locality? Of course, the fact I might just happen to be a Dorset produced fossil myself is naturally completely irrelevant.