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These date from 2007 but apparently came out now.

Ösi,A. & Fözy,I. (2007) A maniraptoran
(Theropoda,Dinosauria) sacrum from the Upper
Cretaceous of the Hateg Basin (Romania) - in search of
the lost pterosaurs of Baron Franz Nopcsa. N.Jb. Geol.
Palänt. Abh. Vol.246/2,p.173-181.

Mahboubi et al.(2007) First discovery of dinosaur
footprints in the Lower Cretaceous of El Bayadh Region
(Elgeria). Bulletin du Service Géologique National
18(2):127:139. [In French with English Abstract]

Regagba et al.(2007) Discovery of dinosaurs footprints
(theropods and sauropods) in the Ksour's Sandstone
>From Early Cretaceous in the El Bayadh Area (Central
Saharian Atlas, Algeria). Bulletin du Service
Géologique National 18(2):141:159. [In French with
English Abstract]

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