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RE: New Geologic Epoch

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> On Jan 29, 2008, at 12:22 PM, K and T Dykes wrote:
> <<GAINING GROUND?!? The paper came out this week! How can it 
> gain ground if it hasn't had time to be evaluated!>>
> My post was intended to report, not necessarily support the idea.

Fair enough!

> The concept and phrase "Anthropocene" is not new; it's been 
> discussed for some time in the geological and scientific community.

And Anthrozoic and Psychozoic and many others.

This reminds me of the figure from Lapworth's 1898 _Intermediate Text-Book
of Geology_ (which is in the excellent _Supercontinent_ by Ted Nield) which
includes a number of geochronologic units that have since dropped off. Some
of them are actually useful heuristically: a Protozoic (Cambrian-Silurian)
and Deuterozoic (Devonian-Permian), and a Neozoic (Mesozoic plus Cenozoic).

On the other hand, it includes the redudant Quaternary Cycle, Anthrozoic
Life Period, and Post-Tertiary System.

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