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RE: New Geologic Epoch

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> > > Other proposals to the ICS include mucking about with the 
> > > Carboniferous (again...)
> How? Reversing the silly "subera" designation for the 
> Mississippian and the Pennsylvanian that means the 
> Carboniferous now has 5 epochs consisting of 1 stage each 
> (some of them very long!) and 1 epoch consisting of a 
> whopping 2 stages?


A Lower C (Tournaisian & Visean), Middle C (Serpukhovian, Bashkirian,
Moscovian), and Upper C (Kaslmovian, Gzhelian) Epoch BUT a Mississippian
(Tournaisian-Serpukhovian) and Pennsylvanian (Bashkirian-Gzhelian)

> > > and the Cambrian (again...)
> Well, in the Cambrian there isn't a lot to muck about with... 
> 2/3 of the stages and half of the epochs don't even have 
> accepted names yet...

Even though a lot of them once did have perfectly good names... The new
organization has an Early Cambrian Epoch that contains both the Terreneuvian
Series and Series 2, a Middle Cambrian with Series 3, and a Late Cambrian
with the Furongian Series. (So that Epochs are no longer the geochronologic
expression of chronostratigraphic Series).

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