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Re: Synapsids weren't reptiles?

I would guess characteristics present in all extant reptiles are not found in 
basal amphibians, and characteristics found in all extant amphibians were not 
present in basal reptiles, but were found in basal amphibians.

How do you know amphibians didn't evolve from sharks?

The better question is why do you think reptiles did evolve from amphibians?

An amphibious tetrapod, yes, but a member of Amphibia, no.
One describes a lifestyle, much like a seal, crab, or a mudskipper, the other 
describes a specific group of animals.

I suggest a look at this page, and the hyperlinked pages.


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> One other thing.   How do you know that reptiles did not
> evolve from 
> amphibians?
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