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Rhamphosuchus and the Lost Abstract

Hello all, 

I am a long-time lurker and first-time poster, so I hope I get this right.  I 
have been hunting for the text of an abstract from the SVP 2001 volume with 
little success.  That abstract is...

Head, J.J. 2001. Systematics and body size of the gigantic, enigmatic 
crocodyloid Rhamphosuchus crassidens, and the faunal history of Siwalik group 
(Miocene) crocodilians. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 21(Supplement to No. 
3): 59A.

I attempted to get in touch with Dr. Head with no success.  Would it be 
possible for anyone to post/comment on this abstract? 

Thanks in advance, 

Adam Pritchard