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IUP's Tyrannosaurus rex: The Tyrant King

Ah, the summer of 2005... Presenting at a tiny conference in a high school
auditorium in Hill City, SD.  Memories...

Now, you too can live those memories, in:

Larson, P. & K. Carpenter (eds.) 2008. _Tyrannosaurus rex_: The Tyrant King.
Indiana Univ Press. ISBN-13 978-0-253-35087-9

My copy showed up in the mail today. Here's what's in it:

Table of Contents
Supplemental CD-Rom Contents
Institutional Abbreviations
1. One Hundred Years of Tyrannosaurus rex: The Skeletons / Neal L. Larson
2. Wyoming's Dynamosaurus imperiosus and Other Early Discoveries of
Tyrannosaurus rex in the Rocky Mountain West / Brent H. Breithaupt,
Elizabeth H. Southwell, and Neffra A. Matthews
3. How Old Is T. rex? Challenges with the Dating of Terrestrial Strata
Deposited during the Maastrichtian Stage of the Cretaceous Period / Kirk
4. Preliminary Account of the Tyrannosaurid Pete from the Lance Formation of
Wyoming / Kraig Derstler and John M. Myers
5. Taphonomy of the Tyrannosaurus rex Peck's Rex from the Hell Creek
Formation of Montana / Kraig Derstler and John M. Myers
6. Taphonomy and Environment of Deposition of a Juvenile Tyrannosaurid
Skeleton from the Hell Creek Formation (Latest Maastrichtian) of
Southeastern Montana / Michael D. Henderson and William H. Harrison
7. One Pretty Amazing T. rex / Mary Higby Schweitzer, Jennifer L. Wittmeyer,
and John R. Horner
8. Variation and Sexual Dimorphism in Tyrannosaurus rex / Peter Larson
9. Why Tyrannosaurus rex Had Puny Arms: An Integral Morphodynamic Solution
to a Simple Puzzle in Theropod Paleobiology / Martin Lockley, Reiji
Kukihara, and Laura Mitchell
10. Looking Again at the Forelimb of Tyrannosaurus rex / Christine Lipkin
and Kenneth Carpenter
11. Rex, Sit: Digital Modeling of Tyrannosaurus rex at Rest / Kent A.
Stevens, Peter Larson, Eric D. Wills, and Art Anderson
12. T. rex Speed Trap / Phillip L. Manning
13. Atlas of the Skull Bones of Tyrannosaurus rex / Peter Larson
14. Palatal Kinesis of Tyrannosaurus rex / Hans C. E. Larsson
15. Reconstruction of the Jaw Musculature of Tyrannosaurus rex / Ralph E.
16. Vestigialism in a Dinosaur / William L. Abler
17. Tyrannosaurid Pathologies as Clues to Nature and Nurture in the
Cretaceous / Bruce M. Rothschild and Ralph E. Molnar
18. The Extreme Lifestyles and Habits of the Gigantic Tyrannosaurid
Superpredators of the Late Cretaceous of North America and Asia / Gregory S.
19. An Analysis of Predator-Prey Behavior in a Head-to-Head Encounter
between Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops / John Happ
20. A Critical Reappraisal of the Obligate Scavenging Hypothesis for
Tyrannosaurus rex and Other Tyrant Dinosaurs / Thomas R. Holtz Jr.
21. Tyrannosaurus rex: A Century of Celebrity / Donald F. Glut

Nope, not available as pdfs! You'll have to order your copy, either through
a general online bookstore or directly from IUP:

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