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Jurassic Fight Club

Hey all,
The new 12 part series airs July 29th on the History Channel and I'm
very pleased with the end result. It has been a 2 year project for my
co-creator and I, and has also been a huge learning experience for me

The CG is incredible and the science is pretty solid. I had heard so
many horror stories about how the networks would throw facts out the
window in place of entertainment, but I must admit that it was not much
of a problem for us. In fact, the Executive Producer we worked with
drove me nuts about insisting that we justify and support nearly every
comment we made with facts.

One of the biggest problems we faced was dealing with the sheer size and
complexity of A&E network. One group had sent out press kits with
comments like "Archaeologist were digging up dinosaurs", and "Deep Sea
Dinosaurs". After we complained, they started sending the press releases
to me for review. I corrected those errors, but some of the original
releases are still floating out there.

The majority of the show is about behavior, so I'm sure there will be a
lot critiques, but all in all I think you'll be happy with the result.
There were a couple of animation errors that got past me, but the
quality is just incredible. I am very happy with the way our experts
were represented. I was responsible for insuring that their comments
were not taken out of context, and that they were not asked leading
questions that were designed to support a particular point of view.

Your very own "Dr. Tom Holtz" appears in 10 of the 12 episodes. Our crew
referred to him as the "Living Sound Bite", because his interviews went
so well. We'll be knocking on his door for season 2, rest assured. Some
of the others you'll see in the show include Dr. Lawrence Witmer, Dr.
Larry Martin, Dr. Phil Currie, Dr. Larry Barnes, Dr. Jim Kirkland, Pete
Larson, and many others. 

I hope you get the chance to watch and give me some feedback, as we are
starting to work on new episodes. 

Looking forward to hearing from you folks.


George Blasing - Jurassic Fight Club