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RE: toofs

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> So, Daspletosaurus actually had larger teeth than T. Rex?
> Was this just an isolated specimen or does the average size 
> of the largest teeth actually run bigger than Rex's?

I don't know what this statement was in refernce to.

However, no: the largest T. rex teeth are absolutely larger than the largest
Daspletosaurus teeth.

> What about the Carcharodontosauridae teeth size - what is the 
> current possible reasoning that these somewhat larger 
> carnivores have smaller and sharklike teeth compared to the 
> tyrannosaurs?

Because carcharodontosaurids simply retained the ancestral condition rather
than evolving a new state. Different strokes (or bites) for different folks.

>  Could they have punched through bone or were 
> they more restricted to flesh?
Most likely the latter, as argued in (among others) my chapter in the T. rex
symposium volume.

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