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Re: Feathered Dinosaurs: The Origin of Birds

9.7.2008 15:57 Steve Walsh kirjoitti:<br>
> For those who enjoy less technical books (I know you're out there)
> Feathered Dinosaurs: The Origin of Birds is due out in the US next
> month from Oxford Press. It's been available here in Australia for a
> little while now. It's definitely worth a look with 80 large and
> impressive full-colour restorations by Peter Schouten, text by John
> Long and foreword by Luis Chiappe. For those of you that know it this
> book reminds me strongly of The Flying Dinosaurs by Philip Currie and
> Jan Sovak. Anyhow definitely among the very best of the "more
> accessible" dinosaur books.
> For a gallery of all images from the book:
> http://www.studioschouten.com.au/dinosaurs.asp (the licencing enquiry
> statement beneath each picture is worth a glance).
> The Oxford Press page:
> http://www.oup.com/us/catalog/general/subject/LifeSciences/EvolutionaryBiology/?view=usa&ci=9780195372663
> The price at Amazon is currently $26.37.
I, for one, liked the idea of this book.

Speaking of the origin of birds, a question came to my mind, and I
believe that there are many that are capable of aswering. I hope that
you won't find this too stupid a question.

What is the prevailing theory today of the feathered Theropod dinosaurs,
did they, or some of them, evolve from more birdlike dinosaurs, and
maybe even loose their flight in the process?

Harri Hirvelä