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Re: Ornithurine diversity

...even the apparent lack of a proper fanning tail (unknown in enantis this far) might be considered, though I really have no idea how that should help to survive...

If I understand the question properly...a fanning tail is an aid to vertical lift-off. Pigeons (for example) have an amazing capacity for getting high raipdly (hippies take note!). Just quickly, this could aid survival in the following ways: terrestrial (and even aerial) predators have to get closer to affect a catch--this means that a pigeon can react more slowly, eat for a longer period of time, before having to fly off; such birds can also take advantage of food that is in places that have ambush predators...because they can lift off more quickly they can escape predators that would catch fanless birds.
Either or both of these could grant fanned birds more time at feeding sites...so, not only could they feed longer they could live longer.