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Re: Ornithurine diversity

A sudden sharp transverse translation of the leading edge can also be used to shed a leading edge vortex and establish full circulation within about half a chord length of wing travel rather than the 2 to 2.5 chord lengths that are usually required. Another comment or two inserted below.
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Some of the more critical burst-launch characteristics include:......[snip]


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Pigeons (for example) have an amazing capacity for getting high raipdly (hippies take note!).

About 490 feet per minute (2.5 meters/sec)

because they can lift off more quickly they can escape predators that would catch fanless birds.

Don't count on the fanning tail to help get them above the height that a cat can leap any quicker than a fanless bird could do it. Rather, count on the fanning tail to improve their overall angle of climb for a somewhat protracted period.