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Re: Enantiophoenix

David Marjanovic wrote:

<if Greek _phoinix_ ever was considered feminine when meaning the mythical bird 
(as opposed to, say, the date palm). If not, it's masculine, and Art. 31.2 
http://www.iczn.org/iczn/includes/page.jsp?article=31&nfv=#2 might  strike.>

  "Art. 32.5 Spellings that must be corrected (incorrect original spellings)."

  This does not seem to list any subject that includes incorrect gender 
formation. Incorrect gender is apparently only required on changing during rank 
changes (Art. 35). Agreement in gender should be reconciled before publication 
and during proof. If it is published, it is retained, even if it is not in 
agreement in gender. However, in Art 32.5, we have the following:

  Inadvertent error:

  "32.5.1. If there is in the original publication itself, without recourse to 
any external source of information, clear evidence of an inadvertent error, 
such as a lapsus calami or a copyist's or printer's error, it must be 
corrected. Incorrect transliteration or latinization, or use of an 
inappropriate connecting vowel, are not to be considered inadvertent errors."

  Use of a diacritic, apostraphe, or hyphen:

  "32.5.2. A name published with a diacritic or other mark, ligature, 
apostrophe, or hyphen, or a species-group name published as separate words of 
which any is an abbreviation, is to be corrected."

  Neither of these subarticles refer to a required change utilizing gender.


  Jaime A. Headden