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SV: 13 kya: Case Strengthens For Cosmic Explosion Over Canada

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Skickat: den 12 juli 2008 18:43
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Ämne: 13 kya: Case Strengthens For Cosmic Explosion Over Canada

Not dinos, but...


Now University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor of Anthropology Ken 
Tankersley, working in conjunction with Allen West and Indiana
Society Research Scientist Nelson R. Schaffer, has verified evidence
sites in Ohio and Indiana  including, locally, Hamilton and Clermont 
counties in Ohio and Brown County in Indiana  that offers the strongest 
support yet for the exploding comet/asteroid theory.

Samples of diamonds, gold and silver that have been found in the region 
have been conclusively sourced through X-ray diffractometry in the lab
UC Professor of Geology Warren Huff back to the diamond fields region of


So what? Ever heard of glacial drift? Samples of rocks found in Germany
and Poland have been conclusively sourced back to central Sweden and
Finland but nobody has ever suggested that this proves that Scandinavia
was recently hit by an exploding comet.

Tommy Tyrberg