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Re: hovering diversity (was Re: Ornithurine diversity)

> I never thought it was an accident that 90% of the time that I've seen 
> the behavior has been at the bluffs which do, of course, deflect the 
> wind coming in from off the ocean.  The birds are *always* slightly 
> windward of the bluffs, but I suspect that has more to do with their 
> understanding of the best places and altitudes from which to hunt than 
> aerodynamic considerations (i.e., though I'm sure someone will
> quickly tell me if I'm wrong, I'm sure the region containing updraft
> extends a good bit to the leeward side of the bluffs as well, but birds > 
> never kite there). 

The best lift is slightly in front of the ridge/bluffs (the front being the 
side the wind is coming from), on the other side, you are likely to get rotor 
and "trashy air"

You will observe hanggliders flying in the same general areas when flying 
coastal bluffs. I suspect it is mainly aerodynamic considerations, not hunting 
considerations that leads the birds to this position relative to the bluffs