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RE: Various other papers of interest in the latest Palaeontology

Tom Holz wrote:

> Wisely, Nick did NOT give it a new name yet, as the material is very limited.

The new Dinosaur Park ornithomimid is about _Gallimimus_-sized.  Big by 
ornithomimd standards; but not a patch on _Deinocheirus_.

One table caption includes this note: "_Ricardoestesia isosceles_ and 
_Paronychodon lacustris_ are considered synonyms of _Ricardoestesia gilmorei_ 
(Longrich 2008)."

The reference cited is:

LONGRICH, N. 2008.   Small theropod teeth from the Lance Formation of Wyoming. 
135–158.  In SANKEY, J. T. and BASZIO, S. (eds). Vertebrate microfossil 
assemblages: their role in paleoecology and paleogeography.  Indiana University 
Press, Bloomington, IN, 304 pp.

Having not seen this particular paper, does Longrich officially synonymize 
these three species (_Ricardoestesia gilmorei_, _R. isosceles_, _Paronychodon 
lacustris_)?  In this case, _Paronychodon lacustris_ would get priority.  But 
(as I said) having not seen the paper, I don't know what kind of synonymy it's 
referring to.



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