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Re: Turtles and Crocodylians are not Reptiles - no? What are they?

Big Bird, Adventurita, Bug, Girl and Barney, all budgies, say,


See, clearly, in order to qualify as a reptile, you have to be svelte and have advanced brain structure, and feathers. A reptile isn't squat, isn't ugly, isn't cold blooded, doesn't have scales, and certainly isn't no premammalian whatever, because they're stupid on top of everything else.

Seriously, if turtles and crocodiles aren't reptiles, what are tehy? In layman's terms, now. Highly technical categories that noone knows what they mean won't do anybody any good! ""Lepidosauria"" sounds like a matter of how many angels can dance on the end of a pin.

Next to me, eight tetras and six danios think they have the answer.

THEY''RE FISH, OF COURSE! Waht are land bound turtles? Land bound fish. We knew they a number of classes of fish with funny fins. We've previously established that on this list.

Mind you, I understand why that not even frogs are amphibians - even if my nephews are haplessly trying to raise a bunch of tadpoles in a fish bowl. Well, now, we know they aren't amphibians, because if they were actually on their way to evolving into reptiles, they'd be smart enough to jump out of the bowl and demand a water change.

Seriously, who came up with this stuff - a parrot? LOLOLOLOL! Well, I needed a good laugh.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX
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... at least according to the new taxonomy that CNAH has adopted:

(And, to keep it on topic, neither are dinosaurs, including avians.)

Odd move, since there's already a perfectly good name for their
restricted Reptilia (namely, Lepidosauria). And the other other
attempt at "cladifying" Reptilia that I know of is Gauthier's, which
makes it more inclusive (adding avialans to the general tradition

Also, Osteichthyes is disbanded (or at least not mentioned), but,
strangely, a paraphyletic Sarcopterygii (now a class) persists.

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