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Re: Turtles and Crocodylians are not Reptiles - no? What are they?

I know that lizards adn salamanders don't belong together.  So do most
people I know.   One is a reptile and the other is an amphibian.   Of
course, I do know an unusually high proportion of people who can read.

I find myself explaining it all the time, and so does this http://www.livescience.com/animals/080103-new-salamanders.html news report.

I remembered since yesterday that crocodiles MUST be reptiles if dinosaurs
are reptiles, because they're very closely related to dinosaurs and have teh
same advanced brain structure. (Unlike dem tynaptids whose brains contain
mostly empty space filled with water.)

What do you mean?

This discussion is starting to sound like some scientists proving that hte synapsid brain contains mostly empty space adn water. ;) The bird brains in the big cage behind me are nodding their heads knowingly. Particularly since they've just been categorized out of existence.


But if dinosaurs aren't reptiles - is there such a thing?

Such a thing as what?

Maybe you're asking for this set of labels for the (highly simplified) tree:

| |--*Sphenodon*
| `--Squamata