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Re: Feathered Bloodhounds

On Mon, 21 Jul 2008 dannj@alphalink.com.au wrote:
[...] The human sense of smell is quite a bit better than most people realise, it's just that our reactions to scents tend to be on the sub-conscious level. There have been several experiments that I know of, one of which had human subjects follow a scent trail along the ground blood-hound style (head down, backside up). Humans faired surprisingly well at following even faint scent trails.

See, for instance,






And esp this one

Study shows humans have ability to track odors, much like bloodhounds

Which isn't to say our ability to detect smells is great, just better
than thought.

So to bring this around to dinos, what does this avian bloodhound study
imply for dinos?