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RE: Turtles and Crocodylians are not Reptiles - no? What are they?

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> > What are the theories on how the XY mammals and WZ Aves evolved?
> As regards WZ, unfortunately all living birds are WZ. No 
> platypus extravaganza here. Given that crocs are heavily 
> modificational, WZ must have evolved somewhere in the dino 
> lineage. But where? Probably in theropods or in any case 
> rather late; the W and Z chromosomes of ratites are still 
> rather similar (you need FISH or such to tell them apart; 
> it's not reliably possible in a karyotype).

In fact, we have no compelling evidence that enantiornithines or
Patagopteryx had WZ sex determination (or, alternatively, that Allosaurus
lacked it). This is simply not something that fossilizes.

And, consequently, why it would utterly fail as a useful criterion for
boundary conditions of "Reptilia" if you are interested in fossil

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