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Have Dinosaurs Been Found in the New Siberian Islands (Russia)?

Late Cretaceous alluvial sandstones, siltstones, mudstones, clay, 
and brown coal outcrop along sea cliffs and within the uplands of 
the Derevyannye Hills along the southern coast of New Siberia 
Island (Novaya Sibir Ostrova) of the New Siberian Islands, Russia. 
These strata contain abundant coalified upright tree trunks and logs 
along with leaf prints and other plant debris. The coalified upright 
trunks and logs are so abundant that early explorers and paleobontanists 
referred to the Derevyannye Hills as either the "Wood Mountains", 
"Wood Hills", or "Tree Mountain". 

Does anyone know if any dinosaur fossils have been found in these

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Paul V. Heinrich
Baton Rouge, Louisiana