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RE: Juvenile Tarbosaurus Photos

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> Subject: Juvenile Tarbosaurus Photos
> Found this article via google.news.  Thought it would 
> definitely interest everyone.  
> http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5gqJL8Wm__9ts_d6PqLCi3gA04fq
> There are several small photos, including one very good shot 
> of the skull.  I know this might be premature to say, but 
> this specimen seems to have a dental formula closer to an 
> adult Tarbosaurus than Jane and "Nanotyrannus" have to an 
> adult Tyrannosaurus.  Anyone want to comment on that?

This specimen was discussed at last year's SVP, where the authors made
precisely the point you discuss.

The comparison, however, would require a) that this specimen and Jane are of
comparable ontogenetic stages (and not simply that they are both young) and
that [and here is the big point] b) Tyrannosaurus did not have
apomorphically and/or allometrically disproportionately large teeth as
adults. (That is to say, it tooth diameter grows at greater than typical
positive allometry in T. rex vs. other tyrannosaurids, you would predict
equivalently greater loss of tooth positions relative to skull size.)

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