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RE: Various other papers of interest in the latest Palaeontology

Tim Williams (twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com) wrote:

<(2) The above paragraph implies that the _Tripriodon caperatus_ holotype is a 
dinosaur (theropod) tooth after all, rather than from a mammal - correct?>

  *Tripriodon* as a genus is a mammal, and from what I can gather, considered a 
synonym of *Meniscoessus*. The anterior premolars are narrow, low-crowned, and 
blade like with very "coarse" denticulations that look like reptilian serrae. 
*T. caperatus* is not, to my knowledge, currently considered a dinosaur, and if 
I had my old hd available, I could check my notes on it.

  That's all I got, for now.