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Re: Jurassic Fight Club ep guide is up

> For those who want to know, Carlos Huante ( of many ILM FX movies) was
> involved in the dinosaur designs.  They look pretty cool but... WTF?
> Oh, that means "Wheres The Feathers". Its what the kids these days
> text to each other.
> David Krentz

Might I *STRONGLY* suggest that she coordinate with paleontologists for
season 2? The feathers I could almost maybe sort of forgive. But the
Majungas violate Holtz's First Rule of Restoration: if you can't fit the
skeleton inside the restoration, the restoration is wrong. (Specifically,
the legs are too long and gracile (esp. in the metatarsus), the
scapulacoracoid region is too poorly developed, and the forelimbs are
wrong in essentially every major aspect (incorrect shoulder articulations,
elbow too well developed, forearm FAR too long, hand too long and slender,
and palms are facing impossibly downward.)

I just wished they had consulted more of the paleos on this aspect: if
there is one thing we will happily do is criticize anatomy... :-)

I am still really looking forward to this, and the fact that it is only
relatively minor anatomical features that I am complaining about indicates
that they got most of it right!

I also just saw (today on DVD) a History Channel special I missed before:
How the Earth Was Made (2007). Again, I have a few technical problems with
it here and there, but overall an extremely good job at reviewing Earth
History and how we interpret it. (Also, a shout out to Reese Barrick,
whose team is shown collecting therizinosaurs out in Utah...)

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