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Re: The Pre-History Channel

Tomorrow (Tuesday 29 July) 10 pm Eastern:
Evolve episode 1 "Eyes" (1 hr)
First in an n-part series. I don't know much about the details of
this one, even as to how many episodes it runs or what the topics are.
Dinosaur eyes are said to be featured in ep. 1: Kent Stevens' work, maybe?
Or Mickey?

I can't add all that much, but I do know that there is supposed to be an episode on symmetry in animals, and one on flight (presuming that both make it into the final cut). The flight episode will feature some SVP folks (Ken Dial, Jack Horner, Sharon Swartz, and myself have all been involved at one point or another for the flight episode). I also recall some rumblings of an episode on jaws and/or tooth evolution.



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