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Re: No Country For Old Papers

Quoting "Jerry D. Harris" <jharris@dixie.edu>:

> Molnar, R.E., and Thulborn, R.A. 2007. An incomplete pterosaur skull from
> the Cretaceus of north-central Queensland, Australia. Arquivos do Museu
> Nacional, Rio de Janeiro 65(4):461-470.
> ABSTRACT: An incomplete pterosaur skull was found in the Albian marine
> Toolebuc Formation near Hughenden, Queensland, Australia. Although only the
> snout and part of the jaws are preserved, the specimen has two unique
> characters: posterior dentary teeth relatively large (approximately half the
> depth of the dentary) and posterior dentary and maxillary teeth relatively
> widely spaced (only 3 maxillary teeth between the last enlarged tooth and
> the nasopreorbital opening), and a unique combination of other characters.
> Thus, it is assigned to the new genus and species, Mythunga camara gen.nov.,
> sp.nov., provisionally related to plesiomorphic pterodactyloids. The snout
> was apparently hollow with a boxlike internal structure, supporting the
> characterization of pterosaurs as 'optical illusions'. This specimen
> represents at least the second pterosaur taxon from Queensland.

I wonder if this specimen is the '?Anhanguera' material we've been waiting many 
years to be 
published? That specimen was described as 'missing the tip, broken through the 
antorbital fenestra'.


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