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Any info on obscure genera from Nesov 1981?

Just letting everyone know, the Pterosaur Genera List is not dead, it just has 
been undergoing a series of drastic operations over the past, er, three years. 
Now I have an incentive to get my act together and finish up the last bits of 
it, so expect the third "edition" to come out soon.
In the process of this I ran across two incredibly obscure genera apparently 
named in Nesov 1981: Aidachar and Sultanuvaisia. Both were once considered 
ctanochasmatid pterosaurs but have since been found to be fish (something like 
what happened to Belonochasma I suppose). The aper is really hard to find, so 
for now I just want to know the following from anyone who happens to have the 
paper describing them; what are the species epithets of these two genera? The 
only paper that refers to them only mentions the genera, and briefly at that.