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Re: Megalania question - DNA

hammeris1@bellsouth.net writes:

As I don't have access to the latest/greatest on this particular lizard (the four books I have that reference it at all state its size as either twice or four times that of a Komodo dragon)

More recent estimates put an adult Megalania at around 4.5m long and between 300 to 400kg in weight.

I wanted to know what the most recent age on any bones for this beastie is?
If some remains have been found deep in some Australian cave, non-fossilized, 
could viable DNA be extracted?  40,000 to 25,000 yrs back seems to me a 
reasonable time for this.

As far as I'm aware, no Megalania bones have been found in cave deposits. Most of the known fossils are fairly fragmentary and often badly weathered.


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