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RE: pterosaur femora sprawl

> > I know J. Cunningham is fond of the forelimb launch in Q. but he or
> > anyone else has yet to put a storyboard together on how this
> > I'm curious as all get-out to see it too. Not saying it doesn't
> > happen, but if so, it was not the ancestral way.
> Jim is not alone in this; I have a paper in press on the structural
> evidence for quad launch in pterosaurs, and have more on that in the
> works (he and I came to the same conclusion, separately, through
> different means some time ago).  I'm not sure what you mean by
> "storyboard", but if you mean the launch kinematic, then Jim actually
> has worked it out, as have I (though Jim worked it out in more detail,
> and prior to myself).

By "storyboarding", Dave, do you mean the process of what happened when
in the course of the launch? Actually, I'd be interested in seeing this
myself - not being overly familiar with aerodynamics, I have to admit
that when I try to imagine it the ground keeps getting in the way. Where
am I getting confused?


        Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor
Dept of Environmental Biology
Curtin University of Technology
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