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Re: pterosaur femora sprawl

The message that the one I cite answers to does not seem to have reached the list.


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Bats are civets. So are Ptilocercus and dermopterans, according to cladistic analysis.

Is this madness, or Sparta, or both?

I'm leaning heavily towards madness alone, and not just because...

They haven't been tested against each other yet in
dna tests.

...this is AFAIK wrong. I'm not completely sure if civets and bats have ever been in the same molecular data matrix (bats, scandentians and dermopterans have been several times!), I'll try to check this tomorrow -- but, hey, civets are carnivores, and the carnivores are more closely related to the perissodactyls than to the bats.

(I'll look up the latest LINE papers tomorrow, too.)

BTW, don't forget, bats climb with their thumbs -- also a departure
from tetrapod norms. So, probably secondarily adopted.

Remember *Onychonycteris*. It seems, to some degree, have used all five fingers.