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RE: pterosaur femora sprawl

Dann Pigdon wrote:

>Platypus are 'knuckle-walkers', but certainly didn't go through an arboreal

>phase. In their case perhaps it's to protect the webbing between the front 
>toes, or because of the long claws they use to dig burrows.

I don't think so, Dann. Platypus on land don't fold the digits into the
palm, they fold the webbing (and thus actually walk on it). This is only
possible because the 'webbing' isn't between the digits but below them, and
it's a nifty design (oops!) because it allows switching between two highly
specialized functions (expanded web for swimming, shorter but robust claws
for digging) without compromising either. 

Dr John D. Scanlon, FCD
Riversleigh Fossil Centre, Outback at Isa
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