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Re: Koreanoraptor?

I'm not going to backseat administrate, but could you take some
suggestions before posting:
1) HP Conway asked you to provide more context to your posts.
Definitely this is true, many of your posts to the list have been hard
to understand.
2) When responding to or starting a new thread on the list, there
isn't any reason to send it to anyone other than the list:
dinosaur@usc.edu (it's kind of annoying to get sent stuff multiple
times for no reason)
3) Traditionally, the language of the list has been in English, so
posting in English might be a good thing. I'm guessing the bulk of
your message there is in Italian?

You linked to an image, but it's associated with a blog post I bet, so
would you mind linking to the original blog post?


Nick Gardner