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RE: Koreanoraptor?

yceballos@estudiantes.uci.cu wrote-

>  Searching in internet I found this .... this is real?

It's a real specimen, but has never been called "Koreanoraptor" before to my 
knowledge.  Kim et al. (2005) left it unnamed.

"Koreanosaurus" Kim, 1979
"K. koreanensis" (Kim, 1993) new comb.
= Deinonychus "koreanensis" Kim, 1993
Aptian-Early Albian, Early Cretaceous
Lower Gugyedong Formation, South Korea
Material- (DGBU-78) femur (~400 mm)
Comments- Originally referred to the Deinodontidae (Kim, 1979), and after that 
Hypsilophodontidae or Hadrosauridae (Kim, 1983). By 1986, Kim had decided it 
was perhaps synonymous with Deinonychus (pers. comm. to Olshevsky). In 1993, 
the name Deinonychus "koreanensis" was used in a photo caption and faunal list. 
Lee et al. (2001) remove the specimen from Deinonychus, based on the presence 
of a fourth trochanter. However, Deinonychus varies in this character. Kim et 
al. (2005) refer the specimen to Eumaniraptora based on a proximolateral ridge, 
shelf-like posterior trochanter, and absence of an accessory trochanter and 
mediodistal crest. The presence of a large fourth trochanter was noted to be 
similar to Adasaurus and Velociraptor.
References- Kim, 1979. [Dinosaur and volcano discovered from Tabri, Euiseong, 
Kim, 1983. Cretaceous dinosaurs from Korea. Journal of the Geological Society 
of Korea. 19(3), 115-126.
Kim, 1993. Journal of Natural History and Environments Vol 1 #1, June 1993. 
Published by the World Society of Natural History and Environments, Pusan 
University, Pusan, Korea. ISSN 1225-6404. 
Lee, Yu and Wood. 2001. A review of vertebrate faunas from the Gyeongsang 
Supergroup (Cretaceous) in South Korea. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, 
Palaeoecology. 165, 357-373. 
Kim, Gishlick and Tsuihiji, 2005. The first non-avian maniraptoran skeletal 
remains from the Lower Cretaceous of Korea. Cretaceous Research. 26, 299-306.

Mickey Mortimer