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The sun shines on the DML

Those of you on Vrtpaleo may have seen recent posts about Aetogate which  
criticize SVP's behind-closed-doors decision and final statement on the  
of plagiarism.  Oddly, some readers have thought that the DML  administration 
was being inconsistent.  We do try to keep administrative  matters off list 
for the sake of restricting posts to the topic of  dinosaur science.  However, 
that does not mean that Mickey and I have  secret negotiations that are then 
sealed in amphorae for the ages.   

List rules are easily found and should be understood by anyone who takes  the 
time to read the information on our website (dinosaurmailinglist.org) or the  
greeting at the beginning of every month. 

Also see:  http://dml.cmnh.org/1999Jan/msg00018.html
"Go a few  rounds with me before *we* agree that it is appropriate
to  bring your concerns out in front of the whole list."

New subscribers have  occasionally asked us about the rule on "Facilitating 
participation by exiles"  and how would they know who is an exile?  They have 
only to ask, and we  will provide a list of persons who are not welcome (back) 
on the DML.  For  instance:

Therefore, while we do deliberate and administrate off list, that does not  
mean that the opinions, negotiations or outcomes are a secret.  We feel  that 
it is important to able to refer to previous problems and resolutions in  order 
to apply rulings equally and consistently.  Any DML member may  ask for an 
explanation of list policy or list happenings--just not on the  list.  

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