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New Scientist: 'Megaraptor' bone links Australia to ancient neighbours

New Scientist: 'Megaraptor' bone links Australia to
ancient neighbours

00:01 11 June 2008 
NewScientist.com news service 
Jeff Hecht 

A reinterpretation of a million-year-old fossil is
shedding light on an enduring mystery: the origin of
Australian dinosaurs.

Nathan Smith of the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois,
US, says that the fossil, a single bone, shares
features with a large predator called Megaraptor.

Australian dinosaur fossils are few, usually
fragmentary and relatively small, and their origins
are enigmatic. Their closest relatives seem to come
from Eurasia and North America, for example ?
continents that were far from Australia at the time.

But Megaraptor is a species known from fossils
discovered in Argentina, and Australia remained joined
to South America via Antarctica after the partial
break-up of the ancient Pangaea landmass 100 million
years ago.

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Mark Pankowski