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Aussie "megaraptor" round up (was RE: New Dinosaur May Links S. American, Aussie Dinos)

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> New Dinosaur May Links S. American, Aussie Dinos
> Rest of article and photo at...
> http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/06/080610-austral
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Just to note: the new specimen is an ulna. What is shown in the photo is an
Argentine _Megaraptor_ hand.

The phylogenetic analysis (modified from the _Cryolophosaurus_ Smith et al.
matrix) places _Meg._ as a spinosauroid close to Spinosauridae. However, as
everyone whose looked at _Meg._ in recent years admits, either it is a
carcharodontosaurid with spinosauroid features, or a spinosauroid with
carcharodontosaurid features. So don't expect it to settle down in a given
phylogenetic position anytime soon (barring a much more complete skeleton).

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