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Re: New Scientist: 'Megaraptor' bone links Australia to ancient neighbours

At 12:32 PM +0200 6/11/08, David Marjanovic wrote:
>>> A reinterpretation of a million-year-old fossil...
>> 'Million-year-old' non-avian dinosaur?
>> Does New Scientist even have editors anymore?
>Well, "millions-year-old" sounds somewhat artificial, doesn't it?
>BTW, Chinese has a nice little monosyllabic word for "hundred million". That 
>would have come in handy here. :-) 

It sure would have helped, but the typo has now been fixed and it's become a 
110-million-year old fossil, which is roughly in the middle of the error bar in 
the paper. Sorry about that. 
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