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Re: vaulting pterosaur launch: I give up

Illustrations will be forthcoming when I have the time and energy to do it right - those sorts of technical illustrations require time and patience (not to mention a lot of precision), and I am reluctant to just rush off something rapid. I can do some actual "sketches" in short order, in the rough and quick sense, but they'll only give a rough idea - hardly appropriate for detailed critiques.

I wouldn't become too overly focused on illustrations as demonstration, in any case. Visualizing a dynamic process like launch is very helpful, but the illustrations themselves are more a depiction of the conclusions than a source of evidence (and leave lots of room for artistic license, if not constrained by quantitative evidence). The evidence really comes, in this case, from the structural mechanics and quantitative analysis. I'd be more than happy to chat further about the numbers, which really make the case, or the specific qualitative characters that further bolster the argument. I'm also happy to provide illustrations, but that will require some time - I'm rather swamped writing manuscripts at the moment.



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On Jun 11, 2008, at 11:05 AM, David Peters wrote:

Well, I asked my 20 questions and still didn't get a sketch. So I guess I'll just mosey on off and WFTP.

Good luck. Hope you're right.

At the risk of opening up a new torrent, in your hypotheses, do pterosaurs stick landings?

David Peters