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RE: British Columbia bones could be new dinosaur species

This must be a paper they're referring to...

Victoria M. Arbour and Milton C. Graves (2008).  An ornithischian dinosaur from 
the Sustut Basin, north-central British Columbia, Canada.
45: 457-463.

Abstract: "Dinosaur bones were discovered in 1971 during uranium exploration in 
the Sustut Basin, northern British Columbia, Canada.  These bones have more 
recently been prepared and described and represent an indeterminate cerapodan 
dinosaur.  Although dinosaur bones have been reported from British Columbia 
before now, this specimen represents their earliest recorded discovery from the 
province.  The bones were collected from loose blocks in a talus slope, near 
the intersection of Birdflat Creek and the Sustut River.  They are encased in 
hard siltstone that shares characteristics with adjacent outcrops of the Upper 
Cretaceous Brothers Peak Formation.  Bones collected include the right humerus, 
right radius, the distal portion of the right tibia and fibula, two right pedal 
phalanges, including two unguals, and several unidentifiable fragments."

The material is regarded as Cerapoda incertae sedis.  It may referrable to 
Ornithopoda, Pachycephalosauria, or both, given that the relative size of some 
elements suggest that more than one individual is present.  Some elements were 
preserved in articulation (or sem-articulation), such as the phalanges.


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