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Re: Getting hold of Cope

Christopher Taylor in "Getting hold of Cope" asked:

"Does anyone know if the following work by E. D. 
Cope is available in pdf form anywhere:

Cope, E. D. (1876). Report upon the extinct Vertebrata 
obtained in New Mexico by parties of the expedition 
of 1874. U.S. Geographical Surveys West of the One 
Hundredth Meridian 4(2): 1-370."

This might be of some help:

Mckinney, K. C. and others, 2002, CD-ROM Archives - 
"Report upon the Extinct Vertebrata obtained in New 
Mexico" By Parties of the Ex[edition of 1874," BY 
Edward D. Cope, with Multimedia Annotations. 2002 
Denver Annual Meeting (October 27-30, 2002), Session 
No. 187, Paleontology/Paleobotany (Posters) II



Paul H.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803