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Re: vaulting pterosaur launch, questions

Scott Hartman wrote, in part:

That presumes, of course, that Archaeopteryx got airborne for any significant period of time at all.

What is a "significant period of time?" The Wright brothers flew for 12 seconds in 1903. Not very long, but pretty significant.

>it hasn't been properly established that
Archaeopteryx flew, or if so, how, when, where, and why?

Apart from bringing one back to life somehow, exactly how do we "properly" establish that Archie flew? The fossil evidence is entirely consistent with an animal that was most likely at least a rudimentary flapping flyer. How did it fly? By flapping its wings. When did it fly? About 150 ma, give or take a few. Where did it fly? At least in and around the area now know as Solnhofen, Germany. Why did it fly? Who the heck knows! You might as well ask why do we walk? Or why do fish swim?...