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BLM announces `major' dinosaur find in Utah

BLM announces `major' dinosaur find in Utah

By MIKE STARK ? 3 hours ago 

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) ? A newly discovered batch of
well-preserved dinosaur bones, petrified trees and
even freshwater clams in southeastern Utah could
provide new clues about life in the region some 150
million years ago.

The Bureau of Land Management announced the find
Monday, calling the quarry near Hanksville "a major
dinosaur fossil discovery."

An excavation revealed at least four sauropods, which
are long-necked, long-tailed plant-eating dinosaurs,
and two carnivorous ones, according to the bureau. It
may have also uncovered an herbivorous stegosaurus.

Animal burrows and petrified tree trunks 6 feet in
diameter were found nearby. The site doesn't contain
any new species but offers scientists the chance to
learn more about the ecology of that time, said Scott
Foss, a BLM paleontologist.

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Mark Pankowski