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RE: BLM announces `major' dinosaur find in Utah

The Associated Press article states:
Animal burrows and petrified tree trunks 6 feet in diameter were found
nearby. The site doesn't contain any new species but offers scientists the
chance to learn more about the ecology of that time, said Scott Foss, a BLM

Regarding "animal burrows," Evelyn Sobielski [koreke77@yahoo.de] writes:


The site's sandstone also encases freshwater clams, petrified trees, and
other preserved matter. "There is potential that there could be burrows that
contain fossil mammals. We have petrified logs -- a whole group of things
that I think are going to tell us something very detailed about this
environment," (Matthew) Bonnan (of Western Illinois University) said.
So there _may_ be burrows there.

Dino Guy Ralph
Docent at the California Academy of Sciences
Dinosaur and Fossil Education
Member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology